Coyote Love “Blame It” video hits youtube!

Yes it’s true. After much hype, our cover of “Blame It” finally hit youtube. HOWL!

Director, DP: Atom Fellows
Costume: Karen Flood
On-set photography: Jane Stein
Shot at Double Down Saloon in NY

Hank Coyote Wagner – vocals
Rachel Grundy – vocals
Sergio Bustamante – Alto Sax
Darren Lipper – Bass
Tobias Gebb – Drums
and featuring Mike D – Lead Guitar/Clown/Man in Kilt/Rabbi/Priest/Mexican/fireman/50’s motorcycle rebel/etc etc etc

Brendan Turk as “Rockstar/’Turk”
Sarah Engelke as flyer Girl
Coreen McCarthy as the connected bar-tender
Bob Laine as Turk’s Chauffeur

Nicole Lee Aiossa
Lenny Wright
Paul Murillo
Amy Sherman
Amy Overman Plowman
Catherine McNellis
Ari Shegal
Ruthie Turk
Chris Cook
Jon Epstein
Emily Klein Epstein
Jeff Nash