Coyote Love plays The Cutting Room with RAW

We are stoked to have the band chosen to represent New York’s

hottest upcoming talent at the RAW, Natural Born Artist Series “Spectrum” Event,

at the Cutting Room 7:30pm on Friday Eve, April 25th.

April 25th at 8pm
April 25th at 8pm

Coyote Love RAW-Spectrum Event

Get dressed up for this “COCKTAIL ATTIRE” event at NYC’s premier live music venue “The Cutting Room”.  The evening is like a 3-Ring Circus of new talent, featuring Music, Dance, Fashion, Art, Performance Art, and even hair stylists, from all under one roof for a night of multimedia excitement.  If you have never been to the Cutting Room, it’s a truly great venue!  We are playing with the full horn section, Yahoteh on Drums, and Darren Lipper on Bass; both of whom will be singing backup, so you know it’ll be a blast!  Here’s the ticket link.

Remember “COCKTAIL ATTIRE REQUIRED” so iron that shirt, polish those shoes, put on that slinky dress, and do what you do when you that thing you do. Howwwooooooo!