Holiday RAWK w Coyote Love in NOLA!

artist_flyer_e2427af8df26e8672d2f9ecf6ac5aa97On Tuesday, Coyote and Rachel, and Rachel’s beau, Spencer (world’s most supportive band beau), descend on New Orleans to play inrepublic the RAW Natural Born Artist series’ “Holiday RAWK” show at Republic New Orleans!

I am DESPERATELY looking forward to this trip. Lately it seems that everything that Rachel and I do in New York City is something that wants to challenge our choices to live off our art form(s); multi-talented Rachel is working in an office 8 hrs a day and then fitting in life as an actress, musician, and spiritual seeker around that.   I have spent more hours a day in a classroom with surly 13-year olds than I want to talk about.   And not a lot of studio time to make up for it this season. The blues series is still waiting to be completed (though we are happy with Bettin’ Dirty Water), and all other Coyote plans got pushed back as well, as we have struggled to make ends meet.

Making original music (and phat cover versions) is the thing I want to do all day long, but it is the one thing that has been pushed to the margins of my available time this year. And I am fed up with it! So this trip to NOLA is a step closer towards the dream. While this won’t be a huge moneymaker, it is in every other way a step closer to running Coyote Love Entertainment as a self-sustaining entertainment entity. And it is a chance to live, breathe, and eat music all day long for 4 days and 3 nights, in a place where it makes a lot of sense to do so. And having a version of the Coyote Love band down in New Orleans that is there waiting for us when we come back again is pretty great!

We are grateful to über talented Ari Shegal, for writing out the charts we will use to play with a band of 5 LOCAL NEW ORLEANS MUSICIANS! While in NOLA we will stay in Bywater, right in the heart of city, rehearse and play, with the local band we put together, at the showcase (thank you Emily from RAW and Anthony in NYC for the hook up). On Thurs we hit the open mics and do anything else that involves playing music with people. On Friday…we explore, we meet club owners and eat n drink like its Mardi Gras. This trip won’t make our wallets/purses fatter, but it does increase our chances of moving forward in to the world of a self-sustaining music career by making the connections we need, in a city that we feel that wants to connect with us and it feels good to do something entirely for our musician souls.

Wishing you a happy Holiday season, and a happy winter solstice.

Wish us luck!