Hank Wagner

Hank Coyote Wagner

Recently recovered from an ‘incurable condition’ through natural therapies, self-proclaimed Renaissance man Hank Coyote Wagner leads the band Coyote Love with passion, a message, and contagious joy.  Hank grew up and trained as an actor and singer in NYC and furthered his training for three years in the U.K.  Upon returning to NY, he played in numerous bands, performed in the hit show “De La Guarda” at the Darrell Roth Theater, co-wrote and performed the psychedelic rock drama “Drop” with Paul and Christine Mascott, made 3 CDs with “The Drop Band” (Syberdelix Records) and had a 4 episode stint on HBO’s “OZ”. The chrysalis complete, Hank has emerged as the writer, producer and fearless troubadour at the center of Coyote Love.

Rachel Grundy

Rachel Grundy

(Vocals, Tenor Sax, Flute, Cat Herding) A native of London, Rachel Grundy is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer and actor. Relocating permanently here in 2005, she has worked with many indie theatre companies including Dysfunctional Theatre Company, TheatreRats (of which she was Associate Artistic Director), Hudson Warehouse, Inverse Theatre, and Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. She has made over 10 short films, web series and TV pilots in that time as well and can be (briefly) seen studiously looking at a theatre program in episode 6, season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Back in 2006, she teamed up with Hank Coyote Wagner and was one of the first musicians to join the Coyote Love collective, playing tenor sax on their first record. Since then, she has grown into a role as musician, singer, sounding board and typo corrector.


Clifford “Moonie” Pusey

Clifford “Moonie” Pusey

Former guitarist for the internationally renowned, Grammy award winning reggae group Steel Pulse for 19 years, Moonie Pusey has also performed, recorded, produced and/or composed music with such notable artists as The Family Stand, Paula Abdul, Maxi Priest, Shannon, Lilo Thomas, Big Mountain, The Meditations, Winston Grennan, Blues Busters, Faybiene Miranda, Chuck D, Olu Dara, Trevor Hall, Leni Stern, Dr. Israel, The Black Rock Coalition, Santigold.