Blues Based, Searingly Passionate,
Early 70’s FunkRockin’ Explosion From NYC


Coyote Love’s second album. “I’m Breaking Down” featuring Fred Thomas (James Brown/The JB’s) and Clifford “Moonie” Pusey (Steel Pulse) is out now!  

Here’s what people are saying about some of our songs…

“I’m Breaking Down” the single…

“It has the 70’s Motown I would have to say like 70’s music which I like a lot. I can listen to more of this band…”

“I really like these guys….Reminds me a lot of Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes.”

“This song is upbeat, jazzy and radiates energy….would certainly listen again and recommend it highly.”

“…Loved the whole song. Lyrics are solid, vocals are top notch. The band instrumentation is super funky and strong. “Stop touching me with your toes ??” Lol, super funny.”

 “I do love me some coyotes as well. I really like these old school tunes and vibes of a better time. Makes me wanna break down too. Well done everyone.”

“I liked how the male vocalist has great charisma and a unique style that can not be emulated. You get the feeling that he is singing from personal experience. I like the whole retro theme of the song…”

 “…You want to smile the entire time the song is playing and the chorus definitely has you bobbing your head real hard. It’s a song you’d hear in New Orleans…”

“Please Let Me Know”-

“Great classic blues jam….like a cross between Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley and I love it. The whole song is very sensual and well done.”

“I feel the emotion in this song, and to be honest it made me tear up a little. This song touched all of my heart strings. Very good song.”

“… It’s a very sexy song that comes with a sense of sultry you can’t help but grab the nearest person next to you and start dancing.”

“LOVE the vocals! … I love when vocals compliment a track like that and really shine!”

“…The performance is sublime. The lyrics were fun to listen to. Nice!”

“Rosie’s Goin’ Downtown”

“The song really reminds me of Bag Raiders in the way that the song slowly starts to pull and lull you in the sense of euphoria much like The Roots.”

“I like that it sounds very retro motown and James Brown like. But, there’s definitely something that seems like its after that era. Especially in the singers vocals it sounds like he’s channeling Prince.”

‘Instrumentals were great and sound quality was sexy….and I really enjoyed the energy in this song…Vocals were terrific. The melody itself was good as was the arrangement.

“Nice, very nice indeed. The vocals are excellent and the lyric fit the title and tone of the song well. The instrumentation is superb and the production is flawless.”

“… The beat is awesome! The lyrics are very good. The vocals are also very good. Everything about this song is very good! Great job!”

“Blame It” (alcohol)

Our cover of Jamie Foxx’s megahit is now available on itunes as a “DJ Pack” with remixable audio stems.  Get the single for free if you are a Coyote Love fan! 

Blame It is available everywhere smart shoppers by 70's Porno Lounge style music
Blame It is available everywhere smart shoppers by 70’s Porno Lounge style music.

What people had to say about “BLAME IT” (SINGLE)

“Wow painfully good good track…”

“A great cover for a ‘Blame It On The Alcohol.”

“I love this tune so much because it has a nice cool swag to it.”

“If you can create a nice cover like this, I would definitely like to see what you come up with next!”

“Fresh, funky take on a relatively old hip-hop classic. It hooks you in and makes you want to hear it all.”

“Definitely a chilling and hanging out type of track.”

“The lyrics are provocative and I dislike them…”

“Lively, engaging, and brilliant describes this track for me.”

“I like the twist to this great song.”

“Uh. I love it!”

“This song is lovely…i definitely see a potential in this song.”


“Coyote Love” the original debut CD

It all began here. "Coyote Love," the debut CD
It all began here. “Coyote Love,” the debut CD