Blues Based, Searingly Passionate,
Early 70’s FunkRockin’ Explosion From NYC


“This is the best indie record I’ve heard this year.” Dave Williams –


“Wow painfully good good track…”

“A great cover for a ‘Blame It On The Alcohol.”

“I love this tune so much because it has a nice cool swag to it.”

“If you can create a nice cover like this, I would definitely like to see what you come up with next!”

“Fresh, funky take on a relatively old hip-hop classic. It hooks you in and makes you want to hear it all.”

“Definitely a chilling and hanging out type of track.”

“The lyrics are provocative and I dislike them…”

“Lively, engaging, and brilliant describes this track for me.”

“I like the twist to this great song.”

“Uh. I love it!”

“This song is lovely…i definitely see a potential in this song.”

(Source, Reverbnation crowd review, 2014)


ABOUT THE BAND – “Galactic Eats a Sly Stone Sandwich, smothered in Clapton Sauce, on a stone-ground Indie Hero.”

Coyote Love is releasing an original blues series over the next year.  The first single “Bettin’ Dirty Water” can be seen in our both out live guerrilla performance video, and a Documentary of the same name; both directed by Atom Fellows.

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“Blame It” (alcohol)

Our cover of Jamie Foxx’s megahit is now available on itunes as a “DJ Pack” with remixable audio stems.  Get the single for free if you are a Coyote Love fan!

Blame It is available everywhere smart shoppers by 70's Porno Lounge style music
Blame It is available everywhere smart shoppers by 70’s Porno Lounge style music











“Coyote Love” the original debut CD

It all began here.  "Coyote Love," the debut CD
It all began here. “Coyote Love,” the debut CD